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The Costumes

A stage performer's costume is much more than simple attire; it plays an important role in the show and is comparable to a living portrait. Costumes serve several purposes: they should reveal to the public aspects of the character, illuminate the personality and clearly communicate the time, the place and the style of the drama or of the show. The famous American set designer, Robert Edmond Jones, concisely explained the principle facts of costume design: "A costume of the scene is a theatrical creation. Its quality is purely theatrical and taken outside of the theatre it suddenly loses its fascination."

In 1990, maybe for entertainment or out of curiosity, Daniel started to design and create his own costumes, after tiring of spending many hours at the theatrical tailors (costumiers) who until then had prepared all his costumes. Moreover, his nomadic showbusiness lifestyle made it increasingly difficult to explain the evolving technique of achieving costumes adapted to quick changes. Often he had to persuade the tailor to fabricate and assemble specific parts of the costume. Although costumiers can create classic stage costumes without special adjustments, often making them with heavy materials and cumbersome accessories, they are not familiar with the technicalities of Daniel's requirements.

To become solely responsible for designing and creating his own costumes, Daniel mastered his make-up and special effects, by learning the various tricks of the trade. Subsequently, for many years Daniel has fashioned all of his best costumes without having to disclose his technical trade secrets for this type of show.

After many months of research and practice, Daniel started shaping scraps of material into stencils of the costumes, before creating functional versions in the chosen material.

At an early age Daniel displayed a flair for design, so it wasn't difficult for him to learn how to design costumes. Through years of self-study and experience he has learned many valid and useful solutions worthy of a professional tailor.

His knowledge of this subject and the art of quick change has been well received and used by some of the great theatrical productions for which Daniel has been the artistic and technical advisor for the costume production.
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