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Born in a small town in the province of Verona, Daniel discovered his great passion for magic and showbusiness when his father gave him a Christmas present at an early age: a box of magic tricks. His first 50 tricks he mastered in secret. He was only eight years old, but he had already outlined for himself a future crowned with success. He then got to know one of his first role models, the great Master Chaplain don Carmello Piccoli, of the Military Hospital in Verona, a great fan of the art of magic. Thanks to don Piccoli, Daniel started to frequent the magic circuses in Italy and internationally, this way getting to know the illustrious masters of this wonderful art form; world-famous illusionists and magicians who helped shape Daniel's future as an artist.

By the age of 12, Daniel had performed in numerous variety shows that were organised for local holidays or artistic cultural events in the city of Verona; his dream of becoming a professional performer began taking shape. After finishing his academic studies, Daniel then dedicated almost all of his time exclusively to his chosen profession. At 19 years of age, he decided to become a professional artist, facing up to all the difficulties that one can meet on the road to success. These experiences served to strengthen and enrich his personality. His first important contracts weren't slow to materialise and within a few months offers arrived to tour Italy and abroad. A two-year tour of Italy followed, performing in notable theatres run by the famous Variety Show Director, Nando Milazzo. Then came a run of late-night locations and cabaret shows in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, followed by a lengthy tour of hotels in Finland and Sweden. Not satisfied with his progress and success so far, he constantly sought out new artistic forms within the realm of magic and illusion.

Having seen a TV documentary series that recounted the life of Leopoldi Fregoli (the most famous quick-change artiste the world had ever seen), Daniel started to form an idea inspired by this man. Leopoldi Fregoli was a master of illusion and imagination, but above all he was famous for the speed at which he changed into various characters. Within only a few seconds he was able to change costume, wigs and face make-up to give life to a new character. By the start of the 1900's his name was known in both Europe and America. After his death in 1936, only a few artists have tried to master his form of showmanship. Daniel had the imaginative idea of combining magic with the art of quick change. After a few months of accurate research of costume-change techniques and after many hours of practice, he put his 12-minute act together, introducing seven different characters. Naturally at the start the technical difficulties were apparent and sometimes discouraging, but Daniel didn't give up. After lots of hard work and having tried and tested new techniques and special effects, his quick-change magic act took shape and was ready to offer to theatrical agents. In 1979 he made his debut at the Moulin Rouge Cabaret in Florence, with great success. That important launch heralded numerous further successes in the most famous theatres and music halls worldwide, from The Crystal Room in Tokyo, to the Paradis Latin in Paris, the Follies Bergeres in Paris, to the Crazy Paris Show in Mexico City. The list of theatres and music halls that have hosted Daniel Polydor's show is long. Additionally, twelve different TV channels worldwide have broadcast his quick-change number as a six-to-eight-minute TV special.

In 1988 Daniel received an offer of a contract on board a cruise ship; a new alternative to touring theatres and continual relocation. The ship was the Mermoz, owned by the French cruise company Paquet. This was a unique and unforgettable experience, certainly worth repeating! After the first engagement with this company and seeing the success he achieved, Daniel decided to develop a show aimed at an international audience. The passengers aboard large cruise liners are hard to please and are often of different nationalities and diverse cultures. His show was and still is unique in the cruising world.

In recent years, Daniel has developed an optimum knowledge of foreign languages: French, Spanish, English and German. Moreover, working for cruise companies has been a great opportunity for him to visit the five continents of the world, because cruises gain access to countries where it is usually difficult for an artist to get regular work. His show has been applauded by millions of spectators around the world aboard the luxury liners of various cruise companies: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Silversea, Holland America and Costa Cruise Lines. Daniel is a multi-faceted artist of amazing talent and totally dedicated to a sense of creativity and limitless imagination. Today he is one of the most celebrated quick-change artists in the world, always furthering his research into new characters, new special effects and surprises to introduce into his show.

Daniel never tires of trying to realise his dream, always on the lookout for all that is most poetic and magical to incorporate in his new show. This life of a performer, however, isn't much different to that little boy, shy and retiring, who many years ago dreamed of making objects disappear and reappear with just a touch of his magic wand. At the bottom of his heart has remained intact the poetry that today transmits itself to his public each and every time he breathes life into his characters. Off the stage, he is often shy and somewhat introvert, but in the clothes of his characters his personality and expression totally change, bringing forth a huge energy that is transmitted to the public. Every evening is a new experience, as if it were his first time on stage.

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