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The Show

Daniel's current act is a one-man show that sees Daniel presenting an explosive array of phenomenal characters, with costume changes and a personality that leaves the public totally astounded and in wonderment of the speed of each transformation.

The first character in the show seems an unlikely start to the sequence of characters that follows. The audience sees a kindly old gent appear on stage, pushing a large theatrical trunk. He seems to be one of the stage hands, bringing on the artist's props. On the side of the trunk, in large letters, are written the words "THEATRICAL COSTUMES", which arouses a certain curiosity. Whatever could it contain? The magic of this show begins as soon as the trunk is opened.

Then, within three seconds, the old man transforms himself by donning a costume that he finds inside the trunk: a happy joker who introduces a multitude of other characters. It is difficult to believe that all those characters are played by the same person. Daniel manages to capture the essence of every character that he interprets, by using some sort of gesture, the slightest facial expression, the poetry of the moment...

During the show, Daniel performs many rapid costume changes and introduces many special effects of magic and illusion, brought to life by a whimsical situation, comedy or a specific emotion. Some magic tricks can be a little old-hat or even boring, but in this show the characters' magic becomes the unique language of their actual character portrayal.

Daniel has meticulously studied the stage arrangement, to satisfy an international public. There is no moment during the show where Daniel talks or expresses himself vocally. Everything is based on the "visual". Music is the only acoustic support that accompanies each individual character. The synchronisation of the costume changes and changes of music are the fruits of intensive study and lengthy rehearsals; the results are noteworthy. Undoubtedly, Daniel's experience gained during many years spent on stages around the world has provided him with the best technical and artistic training one can have. As with every type of show, only great experience can bring the maximum levels of perfection, especially if one considers that this type of show demands much technical preparation, whether it be for its costumes or its special magic effects. The meticulous costume preparation is based upon the rapid costume changes: each and every accessory, costume or accessory must be prepared to the smallest detail and must be positioned in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment. To describe the technical aspects of these details would risk revealing the secrets of this art form, which even now is still little known and is performed by the smallest group of quick-change artists worldwide.

Stretching the technical complications of rapid costume change even further, Daniel manages seamlessly to change the gender of his characters: changing from a male character to a female one and then adopting a completely different male character. To the audience there seems to be no possible explanation for this; often it is thought that Daniel has either a twin brother or a masked stand-in...

The rapid and dramatic change of facial make-up is astonishing. For the female characters, a theatrical make-up is clearly visible and very evidently feminine, while for the male characters the make-up is completely different. Each transformation occurs within a few seconds. Naturally, apart from the costumes, the rapid changes also involve the accessories, such as shoes, wigs, moustaches, gloves and hats. Unlike any other quick-change artist, Daniel does not use a stage assistant: all the changes of costume simply take place behind the cover of a small screen, trunk or flag, but always in only a few seconds. His show is enthralling and offers no opportunity for boredom. The ingredients that make up this show are a combination of magic, poetry, mime, comedy and mystery. Very often those who have seen his show return to see it again a second time, perhaps hoping to discover the secrets to his tricks. Even the second time the surprise doesn't change and the impact is just as strong as the first time.

Ever present in the show are the special effects (scene changes, pyrotechnics and lighting) that render the atmosphere still more magical and mysterious. The duration of the actual show is about one hour in the "One-Man Show" version that Daniel presents to international audiences aboard the luxury cruise liners. For this type of public, the duration of the show must be between 45 minutes and one hour. Moreover, very often the show is presented twice nightly and, due to the numerous technical aspects, there isn't sufficient time to prepare the material, costumes and stage tricks for the second show. In fact, Daniel doesn't have a single minute to relax between one show and the next: immediately after the curtain comes down, he must begin the rapid preparation of his costumes, face make-up and the reconstruction of the special effects and magic tricks. In terms of time, all of this requires much technical preparation before and after each performance. He needs about three and a half hours simply to prepare his costumes, magic tricks and special effects for the following show. After his technical preparation, Daniel has to apply his face make-up , which he changes frequently during the show. His face make-up is very elaborate and often takes 45 minutes to apply. With only a few minutes before the show starts, he still needs to check that all electronic parts are working and that all is as it should be. Only when all this is done can Daniel start to put on his first costume, which breathes life to the first of his characters.

When both his daily performances are over, Daniel checks meticulously that everything is in perfect order for the next show. Much physical energy is required for an exceptional result: a standing ovation, which is merited to the extraordinary skill and talent of this fantastic artist, who gives the best of himself at every show. A show that is still admired and applauded on every continent (Europe, America, Australia and as far away as Asia and even Polynesia and Hawaii). Daniel is currently one of the most sought after performers of the most prestigious cruise lines, hotel resorts and casinos worldwide.

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